We all have a choice..... the power is in making it.

The most fulfilling aspect my role is to be part of the story in transformational development - whether that's in a 1:1 coaching relationship or in a group environment. 

My delivery style is varied and I use a number of different techniques and tools to support awareness, growth and development.

what are my clients saying?

About Me


With over 20 years experience in Learning and Development in Public Private and Employee Owned  organisations, I'll be empathetic to your organisational culture. 

Having been involved in supporting brand new and established organisations grow,

I firmly believe that Leadership skill sets are essential to business success.  I help people develop so that they can make a difference.


What I do:

Practical,Engaging, bespoke Leadership programmes and Leadership training . 

Behavioural and results driven team performance solutions. 

1-1 Coaching. 

Facilitated programmes designed to encourage, inspire and enthuse.

 Support in creating a coaching culture. 


CIPD - People Management &  Development

ILM Level 7 Diploma in Executive Coaching

NLP Certified Practitioner

MBTI - Step 1 Practitioner

R@W Sustain 7 Practitioner

Motivational Mapping practitioner



Having worked in HR functions, Management and  Leadership roles as well previously running my own business, I am all too aware of the costs associated with Learning and Development - especially when as HR professionals,we are asked by our stakeholders:" so whats in it for us?"

I provide tailored evaluation fundamentally linked to organisational and individual development. I am a huge believer in ensuring that  after programme  measures are included to ensure learning has been embedded.   

Tangible benefits of working with me....

Recent successes have included:


Coaching of Senior Executive Team in manufacturing sector following a 360 degree feedback tool that has led to tangible productivity and profitability gains.

Owner of talent and progression programme for a team of 18 Graduates that has led to 100% attrition into Senior roles within 24 months and 54 Apprentices into completion of programme

Design, development and  delivery of a Leadership programme to a cohort of over 200 managers at a prestigious UK  FMCG company resulting in a 98% “I feel able to apply these skills in the workplace” evaluation.

Design and delivery/ facilitation of  company- wide Management Development Programme involving organisational change readiness techniques resulting in a 95% “ I feel more comfortable taking myself and my team through organisational change” evaluations score from Senior and Line Managers.

Design managed a Disciplinary and Grievance training for Line Managers that has resulted in over 700 line Managers within a region being trained to consistent standards