Why use Me?


Coaching - Its all about you....

Coaching is one of those things that a lot of people aren't sure about. Although most of the world's most successful people – from athletes to business people – have coaches to accelerate their success, you might still wonder how relevant a coach would be to your everyday life. What do coaches actually do, and how can they help you achieve your life's goals? 


I offer 1:1 coaching to help leaders to achieve their goals and ambitions – and become the type of leader that effortlessly attracts willing followers. I believe that outstanding leaders are resilient, open to increasing self-awareness, and recognise that honest feedback, challenge and support are essential for personal and organisational growth. My qualifications, partnered with my practical workplace experience enable me to take a transformational approach to 1:1 coaching.

I work closely with clients helping them to look in-depth at the factors that influence their behaviours – and to reflect on their effectiveness in their Leadership role. 


What's in it for me?

 1.     To help you find direction 

 2.     To help you reach your potential 

 3.     To keep you focused   

 4.     To make you self accountable    

 5.     To save you time and stress

 6.     To increase your confidence 

 7.     To train your brain into that   

           winning mindset 

 8.     To understand yourself better

 9.     To improve your leadership skills 

 10.     To boost your overall wellbeing 


Bespoke training - tailored to fit your needs

Having worked in a number of Leadership positions, the focus of my training interventions is to provide practical skills that can be applied immediately and effectively in the workplace.

Topics that I cover:

  • Communication and Influencing
  • Leading Change
  • Leading High Performing Teams
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Dealing with Difficult Conversations
  • Building Resilience 
  • Disciplinary and Grievance skills 
  • Coaching Skills
  • Building Personal Impact

 I work in Partnership with all my clients and invest time to learn first-hand about the business.. This understanding helps me to tailor training programmes to the specific needs of your organisation and your employees.


Its critical that delegates are engaged and enthused . All  training programmes have  with learning outcomes for each session..

The programmes typically include  group discussion, activities to compliment all learning styles  and built in time to plan actions that will  help delegates  identify how they will transfer the skills back to the workplace.